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Implant at Dentaluna

30 years of implant experience

Implants are screws made of titanium that are used in the treatment of missing teeth and placed inside the jawbone. These screws perfectly imitate the root form of the tooth. One of the biggest advantages of implant treatment is that there is no need for any abrasion to the neighboring teeth. As a result of the implant treatment, you can eat, talk and laugh like your own teeth.

The most accurate technology



With Cerec CAD/CAM computer-aided tooth production, your teeth are produced and fitted on the same day.

Cerec CAD/CAM impression

computer aided measurement


Your teeth can be cut and inserted in minutes.

Smile Design at Dentaluna

Hollywood Smile

Smile design, also known as "Hollywood smile" among the people, is a treatment method that provides a natural and aesthetic appearance according to the needs of the patient and the face shape of the differences in the teeth and gums that disrupt aesthetics for various reasons. .

CAD/CAM and Panoramic X-Ray

CAD/CAM and Panoramic X-Ray

Instant diagnosis and treatment with computer-assisted panoramic x-ray in our clinic. With Cerec CAD/CAM, you can leave our clinic with your teeth on the same day without the need for a technician.

Smile Design at Dentaluna

Your smile is healthy and aesthetic

Smile design application is a treatment process used to eliminate the problems of shape and deformity, disproportion and tooth discoloration in the teeth and gums. Smile design is sometimes performed with a single aesthetic dental treatment process and sometimes with a multiple treatment plan. The most important points here are the patient's expectation and characteristic features. is to create a treatment plan without ignoring it. In this treatment method, it becomes important why the person does not like his smile and what he does not like.

Zirconium at Dentaluna

Zirconium Dental Veneers

Zirconium dental veneer is the highest quality product that has been reached to date in the field of aesthetics, tissue compatibility, durability and naturalness, which are the basic requirements of dentistry.
Ceramic Fillings at Dentaluna

Inlay and Onlay

Ceramic fillings are a kind of partial porcelain that restores the loss of substance in the teeth due to factors such as caries, root canal treatment or trauma in a way that only completes the missing parts of the tooth, or simply a type of filling made of composite or porcelain strengthened in the laboratory. Compared to composite fillings, they are much more compatible with the tooth to which they are applied and adjacent teeth.
Laminate Veneer at Dentaluna

Porcelain Lamina and Leaf Teeth

Laminas are very thin porcelains that are usually applied on the front teeth. Porcelains, whose physical structures are strengthened, are thus made very thin. Dentistry, with a conservative approach, has highlighted restorative procedures that will require less tissue loss.
Pedodontics at Dentaluna

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is a branch of science that examines and solves problems related to oral and dental health in the period from birth to the end of adolescence. It is defined as pedodontics in dentistry. The dental system also goes through different periods in the period between the eruption of the baby teeth and the eruption of the permanent teeth.
Bruxism at Dentaluna

Teeth Grinding

Bruxism is the clenching of the teeth caused by jaw movements that cannot be prevented during sleep. This is popularly known as teeth grinding. This problem, which is common in society, is generally not known by the people it is effective.
Bonding at Dentaluna

Adhesive System

A good smile is very important for people in social life and communication. They want to be in a good position in their social life, to be in good communication with people and to be liked by everyone. In order for these to happen, there must be individuals with full self-confidence. Being well-groomed increases one's self-confidence. Because; Although we say that the inner beauty of a person is important, the effect of the first impression on people is an indisputable fact. The first place most people look when meeting someone for the first time is their teeth. For this reason, our teeth should always be clean and well-groomed. People with crooked, crooked teeth experience self-confidence problems. Covering their mouths with their hands while talking and laughing is one of the problems we often see. However, it is very easy to solve irregular, crooked, split or broken teeth in a very short time. “Bond”
Periodontology at Dentaluna

Gum Diseases

Black areas on the edge of the teeth and gums, bad breath and bad taste in the mouth, itching and discomfort in the gums, burning in the gums, inflammation in the gum pocket, recessions in the gums and sensitivity on the exposed root surfaces, swaying in the teeth, redness, swelling.