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It is an artificial tooth root, mostly in the form of a screw, placed in the jaw to replace missing teeth.

Smile Design

Topics of Aesthetic Dentistry; Aesthetic Smile, Porcelain Laminates, Bonding Application, Full Porcelain Crowns, etc.

Gum Diseases (Periodontology)

Smoking, hormonal changes, poor oral hygiene, drug use, diabetes, porcelain crowns and bridges that are not made in accordance with the oral tooth structure, malnutrition cause gingival diseases.

Why Smile

Dentaluna Family

Dentaluna Oral and Dental Health Clinic met with its patients in April 2006. We aimed to deliver the latest information and latest technology in dentistry to their patients. In the intervening years, we have realized that reaching our goal is more than words. We realized even better that people smile when they are happy and that we are tapping into this most genuine source of happiness.


A Smile Says a Lot. Add Value to Your Smile with Dentaluna Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic.

Our main goal is to provide oral and dental health services to our patients with a holistic, protective and holistic approach, beyond their expectations, and to establish relationships based on family warmth and trust.

Our passion for our services continues to increase. We offer the best service that our patients can receive in dental treatments and smile aesthetics.

Dentaluna Before/After Treatment

Dentaluna in the media

Dental Health at Dentaluna

30 years of experience

Our dentist, Dr. Arzu Yalnız shares her expertise with her patients in many media.


With the Cerec CAD/CAM system, your teeth can be produced on the same day without being sent to the technician, and you can leave our clinic with your new teeth without the need for a second appointment.

Hollywood Smile

Add Hollywood quality to your smile.

You can get the smile you deserve at Dentaluna.

Panoramic X-Ray

Instant panoramic x-ray

In our clinic, we offer our patients the latest technology dental treatment, including panoramic x-ray and Cerec CAD/CAM devices, for the treatment of your teeth as soon as possible.

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