Make face-to-face special smile design with expert hands

Coating is a more functional alternative treatment compared to bridges and palate prostheses.

Dental whitening is the process of eliminating stains that result from exposure of the teeth to external influences

Oral odor is caused by 90% of the mouth, 8% of the upper respiratory system is caused by 1% of the digestive system and 1% of the metabolic causes.

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A smile tells a lot ... Make it worthwhile ...

Dentaluna Oral and Dental Health Clinic has been serving in Istanbul Nişantaşı since 2006. We have determined the value and the beauty that people have added to their laughter at the top of the table. We fulfilled the demands of our patients who live for a happy and beautiful smile with the highest quality, the best hands and the most careful eye.


Dentaluna’s personalized patient care is what makes us different. Specialized doctors and clinicians, offer you exceptional health care.

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Dentaluna offers the latest technology to the patients, in areas of smile design teeth whitening, implant, zirconium, orthodontics, etc. The most important factor is human. All equipment is used for you and the training of physicians continues regularly.


You have to face your laughs and be special to you. Someone else's smile does not shine in your face

The smile design is what the patient imagined, the smile he wanted to see when he looked at the mirror; it is to be applied to the patient in a way that will be appropriate and natural in consideration of the surrounding tissues such as face shape, skin color, lips, teeth and gums. Smile design, doctor and art are applied together to refresh the ideal ideal smile


The laughing design begins by determining how the patient’s face line meets geometrically. The lines on the side of the patient give tips about how the teeth should be selected. The anatomy of woman and man is very different from each other.

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your smIle and your happIness are our references

Happy patient reviews

  • I watched you on TV for the first time and then you awakened a feeling of confidence. I brought my daughter with confidence. My daughter's teeth were wonderful with just one word. You are very successful, thank you. I wish you success in your professional life.
    Ayla Aydın
  • My teeth are very small before I meet my Dt. Arzu Yalnız Zogun. I did not see my teeth when I laughed. I started enjoying laughing after I made my Dt. Arzu Yalnız Zogun teeth. I got my dream teeth. They're great ...! Dt. Arzu Yalnız Zogun and I thank you very much ...
    Ayşenur Aydın
  • The disorder in my teeth has been bothering me for a long time. When I knew you, all the trouble went away thanks to your gullar face. I can not thank you enough for the infinite trust you have given me, that you are helping me defeat my fears and that you have given me this miracle smile. I think that the frontal shift has never gone back, or that there has been no disorder in the past, I have gained a very natural appearance. Health of your magical hands. I love you very much.
    Işıl ATAM


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